Evgeny Noi

Evgeny Noi

Spatial Stats and Data Mining Nerd

US Santa Barbara


Evgeny Noi is a PhD student at the UC Santa Barbara Department of Geography. His research interests include spatio-temporal modeling, machine learning for data mining and data fusion. He leads the Aggregate Mobility group at UCSB Move Lab, which develops visual analytics tools for human mobility.

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  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Spatio-Temporal Modeling
  • PhD in Geographic Information Systems, 2023

    UC Santa Barbara

  • MA in Applied Statistics, 2022

    UC Santa Barbara

  • MA in Organizational Leadership, 2015

    University of Malmo

  • MS in Urban Planning, 2013

    University of Iowa

  • BA in Political Science, 2010

    Irkutsk State University









UC Santa Barbara
Graduate Student Researcher
UC Santa Barbara
Sep 2019 – Present Santa Barbara, CA
Designed a multisource analytical framework for exploration of spatiotemporal structure of mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic.
IT Department of Moscow Government
Team Lead
IT Department of Moscow Government
Aug 2017 – Aug 2018 Moscow, Russia
Promoted cross-team collaborations between multiple big data products and projects to ensure timely and swift delivery of electronic services to residents of Moscow. Initiated and coordinated 20 pilot projects centered on predictive analytics and machine learning, which were successfully deployed in production and increased the funding to Big Data Division tenfold, enabling further expansion of digital services across multiple departments of city government.
IT Department of Moscow Government
Data Analyst
IT Department of Moscow Government
Dec 2015 – Aug 2020 Moscow, Russia
  • Developed and deployed gradient boosted decision tree model with 78 indicators to evaluate the risk of fires throughout the city and prioritize fire inspections.
  • Designed and set up an analytical dashboard to monitor and forecast flu outbreaks in Moscow schools, facilitating more expeditious decision-making practices and responsive quarantine protocols
  • Engineered 50+ spatially explicit predictors to be used in large-scale geographically weighted regression to model the flow of movement between different neighborhoods of the city, promoting fine-tuned fiscal practices in planning for new infrastructure.

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